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Join my regular classes at Bay Yoga Studio in Takaka, New Zealand!


Tuesday 4pm – Yoga For Emotional And Mental Wellbeing

This Trauma sensitive class is packed with mindfulness, restorative and therapeutic yoga,  as well as some strength building exercises.

Tuesday 5.15pm- 6.15pm Yoga For Men

Increase mobility reduce pain and prevent injuries.

Tuesday 6.30pm - 7.45pm – Yin Yoga 

This class is perfect for busy doers who need to

give back to themselves and restore their bodies and minds with passive supported shapes.


Friday 4pm -5pm - Empowered Yoga

This class is designed for you to connect with and build strengths of your body and mind as well as increasing ability to release tension!

Come for a drop-in class or buy a class pass.


Bay Yoga Class Schedule

Bay Yoga, at the Community Service Hall, Takaka

Drop in class - $16

5 class pass - $75

10 class pass - $140

All classes are appropriate for all levels, including beginners

and those dealing with injuries for specific beginner's classes.

Dylan Holloway, Electrician 

I just love Debora's classes. I love her passion for yoga, it's what connects me to her. Her classes are really intuitive & flowing. It's quite a unique style I really enjoy. I'm getting more aware of my body & my mind. I love her gentle & slow  adjustments. It helps me in all areas of my life, I love yoga!


Her classes are a journey through your whole body and I totally got to know my body in a new way! I had bad back pain before and took a lot medication and now it’s all gone. The most important thing for me besides getting rid of my back pain is quieting the mind. When I’m going nuts I’ll just do some yoga and then I feel so much better.


I quite often do the power yoga course and recommend other people do it with me. Then they get into yoga! It's usually a small group so Debora can give you individual attention. I'm much more flexible and strong, particularly in my shoulders. I've met a lot of people coming to yoga, it's a really social thing! 

Robina McCurdy,
Permaculture Design Teacher

Debora teaches with such a diversity of postures and at the end of her class my whole body feels like it’s had great attention. To me, her classes are extremely wholistic. Gentle but powerful! My body is stronger, my posture is more upright and I walk with more awareness of my body now. I actually LOVE my body!

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