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“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

Acroyoga is meditation, play, and a beautiful practice that combines the dynamic wisdom of acrobatics, the awareness, breath & balance of yoga and the healing & loving nature of Thai massage.

Working with one or more partners, these three disciplines are fused into sequences of inversions, flows and balances. It’s a community practice, which, at it’s simplest, means that you are working with other people. In this way we can practice developing trust, connection and openness which can then be taken into the community and life as a whole.



  • Creates space to be in your body

  • Tap into your inner child while connecting to others through play

  • Allows you to release the rational mind and find stillness in balancing with another

  • The energetic aspect of acro called solar quietens the mind & strengthens the body

  • The therapeutic aspect called lunar brings the benefits of relaxation and massage through flying therapeutics & Thai yoga massage

  • Provides safe environment for overcoming common barriers in connecting with others

  • Learn to communicate your needs and feelings while expanding your capacity to trust as you give and receive support


I love the stillness this practice requires both physically and mentally. I feel so at peace and complete when I am completely immersed in the moment in the connection and balance with another human being. Being in and sharing this experience with another is absolutely beautiful. These are the moments I strive for in my acro practice and my day to day life.



I’ve been teaching several beginners acroyoga courses and workshops in Takaka and Nelson as well as ongoing intermediate acroyoga classes. I have been running regular 3 weekly acroyoga jams in Golden Bay for the last 2 years. I have been assisting international teachers delivering Elemental and Lunar Immersions in Golden Bay, NZ. I have been offering acroyoga workshops at numerous festivals in New Zealand such as Luminate, Evolve festival and NZ Spirit Festival.


- Elemental 5 days acroyoga Immersion in New Caledonia 2015

- Feb 2016 Yogaslackers all levels workshop with Sam and Raquel Auckland

- Lunar 5 days Acroyoga Immersion in Nelson 2016 Her training in acroyoga is ongoing :)

- March 2016 Yogaslackers all level workshop with Jason and Chelsey Dunedin.

- April 2016 Yogaslackers workshop with Jason and Chelsey Pohara Golden Bay

- April 2016 Yogaslackers Intermediate workshop with J&C Auckland

- June 2016 completed an Acroyoga Teacher Training in Bali with Mimi, Bonnie and Jason from

- December 2016 I have organised and assisted teaching the first Acroyoga Elemental Immersion

in Golden Bay

- January 2017 Auckland, Advance acroyoga training with Sam and Raquel from Yogaslackers

- February 2017 Singapore, Acroyoga Solar Immersion with Mimi, Jason Nemer, Carolyn Cohen

- September 2017 Seattle (USA) Acroversity with J&C Jason Neimer and Lax

- January 2018 TeAnua (NZ) AcroMaserMind Teacher training with Yogaslackers Jason and Chelsey.

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