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My Story

"“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.”

I grew up in a small town in Italy where I explored the world through movement by dancing, running, and pretend games that I was Bionic Woman.  

I used music & dance to quiet my mind and let go. In my body, I felt free from my outside circumstances of an unstable, broken family & home.

From 6 months to 6 years, I was loved by and lived with an Italian foster family in a beautiful warm community.  After this, I started my education in a live-in catholic nun’s college and was only allowed to go back during holidays. This feeling of separation & isolation stayed with me throughout my life and spiraled into a repeating pattern of disconnection.


As I grew up, my personality shifted from an outgoing joyful girl to a depressed & insecure introvert until I had suicidal thoughts as a teen. This led me to a cross roads where I came to know & believe that one day I would be free, at home & connected.

When I was 18, I finally escaped to London where I entertained & looked for freedom in all the distractions that society suggested: shopping, drugs, alcohol, partying, sex, dependent relationships, travel, and big city thrills. I chased the university achievements, career ladder dream and got my highs from skydiving every weekend.


During my year and a half living in Nepal, I felt deeply inspired & heart melted by the culture. I lived in an ashram and followed a yoga teacher who helped me to fully recover from pneumonia & rock climbing injuries. This experience led me to discover the healing powers of yoga asana.  

At age 26, I found there was still something missing. I questioned, “What’s the point of it all? What am I here for?”  I left my boyfriend, career, home, & sold everything searching for inner peace and the true purpose of life questioning societies values.  My inquiry led me to many years of travel starting in India where I found home & answers to my deepest questions through the studies of the ancient Indian scriptures of self-knowledge: Vedanta. It was there that I was first introduced to the philosophy of yoga.


Experiencing the spiritual & physical benefits started my lifelong ongoing journey of peeling through patterns of pain. Through connecting to my pain & letting go of patterns, I experienced a glimpse of the vision of unity that I was given through my spiritual studies. I was left open to create a new story of love & connection as opposed to fear & rejection.


I spent 4 years traveling while expanding my passion for self-growth, massage & yoga.  I received several qualifications throughout Asia, India, & Australia.  Massage became my meditation and allowed me to integrate back into the western world. I made a living while staying devoted to my calling for a deeper meaning.

Yoga is my daily practice on a journey of coming home to my body. It has been a transformational tool in healing repeating patterns of trauma & dealing with the challenges of pregnancy & divorce.

My daughter inspired the childlike joy & play back into my life which is when I opened my heart to Acro.  Now, I gracefully weave yoga, massage & play together to help people feel connected, at home and free to be themselves.


Forever a student of yoga and life, my mission now is to share, connect & inspire as many people as possible on their journey to unconditional home.  I believe that everyone is a powerful being and it’s the most fascinating journey to observe and participate in the awakening.

Welcome to Awakening Unity.

Welcome home.

Yoga is my way home

Practicing 11 years

Teaching 9 years

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training   

     Alliance recognized

     Specializing in hatha & yoga therapy

September I will be doing a yin yoga training.

AcroYoga is my playground

Practicing 4 years

Teaching 3 years

AcroYoga International Teacher Training

Acro MasterMind Teacher Training

Numerous immersions, yoga slackers workshops, and AcroVersity

Massage is my prayer

Massaging 12 years

Flying Theraputics

Yogic Massage

Ayurvedic Massage

Traditional Thai Massage

Thai Massage

Foot reflexology

Massage exchanges with the best massage therapists in Australia.



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