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My private yoga classes are an ideal way to begin and develop your own personal practice & gain a deeper understanding of your unique body. All sessions will be designed and adapted to your individual needs and wishes. A private session will begin with a consultation where we look at your goals, preferences and create an individual, diverse yoga program which you can continue on your own. Most of the time, group classes are a great way to begin your yoga practice and privates allow you to really flourish as a yogi.

Private & Group Yoga



An alternative to private sessions is to schedule small group practices.  Perhaps you have a small group of friends or co-workers who would like to create a class at a particular time and place, or you would like to practice together with family members. Generally, this will be a group of 2-6 people with similar yoga goals.  You can set up one or two classes with me, just to get started and then meet on your own, or schedule a series of classes with me.   In these groups you will get semi-private instruction, and guidance about how to continue your own practice.


Discover how small group Yoga can bring greater happiness, understanding, compassion and a stronger sense of camaraderie and connection to your friends and family in a cheerful and relaxed setting. Please contact me to book a specialised small group Yoga session.

Social or sports clubs

Birthday Parties

Work events



...anything else you can think of!


Private classes take place at Bay Yoga Studio, your home, office, or any other venues.


1-2 people: 60 min = $70 / 90 min = $90

3-6 people: 60 min = $100 / 90 min = $120

7+ people: 60 min =$130 / 90 min = $150

Please allow extra time during our first session for a brief discussion of your health history, specific needs & goals  so that we can appropriately tailor your yoga experience

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