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Motupipi Hall, 431 Abel Tasman Dr, Motupipi


Thursdays 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Drop in class - $15

5 class pass - $65

10 class pass -  $120

Each class we start by warming up the body, through games, stretches and partner yoga followed by building your acro experience and ending with thai massage. 

Can’t wait to play with you!

Lauren Hill, Freedom Coach

I LOVE Debora's Acro classes! 

Every class I feel so playful, free & connected. I love getting to tune into my inner child, my body, and deeply connect with a new person every week. I feel like I am learning how to communicate my needs with touch & trust another to support me! Debora is the best teacher ever.


Debora's classes are fun! She has a light and playful style of teaching. Two hours just flow. And apart from getting fit you learn to trust AND you get massaged !!! FUN FUN FUN!!

Emma Passmore, Veterinarian

I was drawn to acroyoga after attending Debora's yoga sessions and was intrigued to try something new.

I love the way she talks through the process of position and moments. She is very calm, clear and thorough. I enjoy learning a new skill, meeting new people and interacting positively and forming new trusts. If you are interested in trying definitely have a go and be ready to love, learn, trust and grow!

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