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From Yoga Asana And Acro To The Yoga Of Life: lessons from the force of gravity

In balancing on hands or doing balancing yoga flows, focus is so significant to finding and keeping the balance. Focus of the mind on the balancing line, allows for all the calibrations of the body while still keeping connection on the intention. It is a practice of allowing the wobbliness without creating insecurity in the mind.

This is just one of the lessons I learned from gravity that I practice in my daily life.

To balance, it is required not only FOCUS and PRESENCE, but also TRUST. While the body learns to navigate its new relationship with gravity, and activates new muscles and energy lines, it is required that we trust the body's intelligence in responding to the challenge.

It also requires COMMITMENT so that all the energies are channeled towards finding and maintaining that balance and will not be persuaded by the insecurities of the mind.

The attitude is of one of openness and responsiveness, adaptability and flexibility, of being ok with falling over and getting back up like nothing has happened and all efforts count.

THE SAME IS IN LIFE in this human form.

There are constant unforeseeable events out of our control which demand us to find new balance and adjust often abruptly, to new scenarios , conditions and situations. Events will create insecurities in the mind and sometime stir up storms in our emotional being.

If we are to be the CONSCIOUS PARTICIPANTS of our creation/manifestation we need to learn to balance and ride the wave of life in a graceful and ease manner. We would do that by using the same set of skills outlined above, in regards to finding and maintaining physical balance.

We would allow the emotional storms and insecurities to move through us. We would fall over many times like a child learning to walk without doubting our ability to balance. We would TRUST in our ability to find new balance, even if it seems impossible at the time. COMMITMENT is what will get us up when we have fallen off our balance. We would be committed to this life and our role of expressing ourselves in its manifestation.

We would be FOCUSED on finding and feeling the new stability through the shakiness. We will focus and visualise where the new centre of gravity is. Sometimes that will involve using modifications.

Through the concentration and PRESENCE of a meditative mind, we will witness the storms and the changes in our life without giving in and holding on to any of it.

We will be facilitating their efficient passage through our system, while being receptive to our innate higher intelligence to work through us, with us. Just as we trust the body's self-healing intelligence on the yoga mat.

A meditative attitude allows us to receive and assimilate clear messages of new knowledge, a wisdom that is significant to finding and maintaining balance, as we navigate through this human life. Chat conversation end

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