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My Yogic Journey into Marketing

Since studying marketing at university, I have developed the idea that marketing was the science of capitalizing on people's needs and insecurities and so I stayed real clear of any advertising material. That has definitely been true in many cases I have come across, sometimes I have been the victim of it myself. However, I realize I have put it all in one bunch.

Recently, with the rise of Social media usage I feel there has been a shift, there are more and more individuals from normal every day life making themselves visible. They are sharing their unique stories, gifts and skills which have become available to and inspired people in different parts of the world. They follow marketing tools, strategies and models which could be seen as manipulative, yet it's been a blessing and transformative for me to be able receive some of those inspirations.

I live in a small town and I would like to make a living from my passion, is that bad? As a yoga teacher, massage therapist I struggle even starting to put myself out there, I feel a real block with marketing. I feel insecure, and my mind is filled with fears of being judged as not being good enough or even worst as someone who is trying to brainwash people into giving me their money. I also noticed people were too busy to notice or hear the benefits of receiving my services. A flier I put in town or an article on the local paper, seem to pass unnoticed as actually people attention is on social media, stories and images seem to be capturing their attention.

One day I had this interesting conversation with a friend who obviously had a different opinion about it. It bloomed on me that there was no way I could make my services known to people if I didn't put my energies into marketing. My friend pointed out that I had to make it personal... like I am the product. I had to expose myself and share my story. That brought lots of resistance, nervousness, and fears. I sat with my insecurities that came up around feeling exposed. I recognized how those feelings are partially coming from being bullied as a child. It brought up my issues of self-worth, but it also brought me close to my truth and my purpose. My past pain becomes worthwhile when I discover I can help others on a similar path to self-awareness.

Marketing requires definitely a different set of skills based on materialism and it can be used for capitalistic egoistic gains. However, there is another way to see and use marketing. I think if we bypass some old beliefs there is an opportunity nowadays to use it for the well being of others, to spread positive messages and inspirations, to help people improving their life and feel connected. I think it's time genuine spiritual and simple people put themselves out there. Ideally we can meet each other at the markets on the street and get to know each other's gift through real life encounters, I would rather meet people face to face.

However we live in such a disperse and separated society, and that happens less and less. We are so physically isolated, so many of us resort to the internet for connection and socialization, and that has become the market place too. We are left with learning new ways while staying true. I think there is a conscious and authentic way to use marketing and that is not talked about much. That is my intention. I would love to see many talented gifted friends of mine spread their impact into the world by using some marketing skills.

What does marketing bring up for you?


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