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What is Awakening Unity?

Awakening Unity is the outward expression of my purpose and service to the world. It is a collection of tools and techniques to facilitate self-realization.

We focus on releasing old patterns of pain to awaken into a vision of unity and home within. The intention is to cleanse limiting beliefs that no longer serve us, so we can know our true nature and what drives us.

Using yoga and meditation we practice being the unconditional observer. We quiet the mind and connect to the wisdom of the body. On the yoga mat, we step aside from the inner chatter and witness the self healing mechanism of our innate emotional and physical intelligence.

With Acroyoga we come together, to support and co-create. We play and connect through joy as we bypass common social barriers. We learn how to communicate to each other clearly & peacefully. We practice navigating through our needs, feelings and compromises while working towards a common goal.

At Awakening Unity we empower people as individuals and as a community. In a world of perceived separation and disconnection, we respond by turning inwards and discovering a power we all have access to that brings us together. The power of Unity, the power of an Awakening Unity.


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